Rec World Outdoor Power Equipment in North Las Vegas Nevada is a Premier Honda Dealer. We have Honda generators for sale. We stock popular models for construction, camping, tailgating, industrial use and food trucks operations. Got a home on Mt Charleston? need backup power during wind storms? we've got you covered. Each generator comes assembled, serviced, test ran and load tested by our factory trained techs at no extra charge. Visit our retail store, shop around, talk with experts and buy a Honda generator. You can also call us or chat online for information, pricing & availability during our regular business hours.

Due to inventory constraints as a result of global supply challenges many units are in limited supply. We're still offering our discount pricing on some available stock. 49 state models, not for sale or use in the state of California. A non California resident USA ID is required for purchase and warranty registration. Below are the models we normally stock, special orders can sometimes be acquired in just a few days. HONDA EU2200i & EU2200i COMPANION GENERATORS PLUS EU3000i GENERATORS ARE ALL IN STOCK AS OF 6/27/2022. HONDA EU7000 GENERATORS ARE ARRIVING 6/28/2022.

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